One morning in 1994 at the age of three years, Nordin’s mother driven by her son’s creative-hyperactivity went to a shop to buy some paints and a roll of a paper tablecloth, when she came back home, she cut a large piece of the tablecloth and glued it with tape on the wall. Later when his son woke up, she told him that he could paint on the wall. Of course little Nordin was happy and started painting, the mother thought that the big piece of paper would last him all afternoon, but what was the surprise when after thirty minutes while preparing food in the kitchen, her son appears all splotchy with a moustache painted on his face and tells mama that he has finished the painting. Surprised, she followed him till the painting, then she cut another big piece and arranged it on the wall for another thirty minutes of creativity and went back to cook. Since then the little boy has not stopped painting and drawing.

Over the years Nordin experimented training and bases of almost all arts, painting, sculpture, literature, music, dance and film. He was officially trained as an actor at the Juan Codina School of actors, and performed with film directors such as Ron Howard in the film, In the Heart of the Sea. During acting studies he began making self-taught short films, until he went on to work as an assistant director on major Hollywood films such as, The Eternals of Marvel or Exodus by Ridley Scott.

Nordin combines all this with his passion for art, producing, exhibiting and distributing internationally.

He’s always been a restless and creative kid.

The simplicity of a blank Canvas and the infinite possibilities it offers, the respectful and silent observation of creation through the tip of a fine brush moved through his fragile fingers creating unique, beautiful and infinite images, hypnotize him.

Nordin Aoures 1991, Tenerife, Spain.